Quang Minh Temple is a centre for the Vietnamese Buddhist community in Victoria, as well as the office of the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Victoria.  The Temple is situated about twelve kilometres west of Melbourne’s CBD, overlooking the gentle Maribyrnong River.


Story of Quang Minh Temple

The history of Quang Minh Temple and Vietnamese Buddhism in Victoria can be traced back to 1980 when the first Vietnamese monk, Venerable Thích Tắc Phước, now known as The Most Venerable Thich Phước Huệ, arrived in Australia.  Together with a small group of Vietnamese Buddhist, he established what is now known as the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Victoria. After Venerable Thich Huyen Ton arrived in Melbourne in 1981, the Melbourne Vietnamese Buddhist Community rented a property at 17 Hoddle Street, Richmond to establish a temporary centre for the Melbourne Vietnamese community.  Within the same year, a property at 8 Prince Street, Footscray, was purchased.  The name of the Temple at the time, given by Venerable Thích Huyền Tôn, was Đại Bi Quan Âm Temple (Compassionate Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Temple).


Venerable Thích Huyền Tôn left Đai Bi Quan Âm Temple in 1985 and Venerable Thích Phước Nhơn replaced him as the new abbot.  The Temple was then moved to 112 Pilgrim Street, Footscray, and its name shortened to Quan Âm Temple.  In 1986, the Temple again relocated to Morris Street, Sunshine.  After consultation with The Most Venerable Thích Phước Huệ and members of the Melbourne Vietnamese Buddhist community, the name of the Temple changed to Quang Minh, which means ‘bright light’.  Quang Minh Temple finally moved to its current site on Burke Street in 1989 and the main hall was built in 1994.


Since its inception, a succession of abbots has been appointed to lead Quang Minh Temple’s congregation.  These include Venerable Thích Phước Hựu, Venerable Thích Tâm Phương, Venerable Thích Nguyên Lưu, Venerable Thích Như Định and Venerable Thích Minh Trí. On Vesak Day in May 1997, Venerable Thich Phước Tấn was officially appointed as the abbot of Quang Minh Temple.


Quang Minh Temple Community Service Centre


The fundamental aims of Buddhism are to encourage people to live in peace and harmony by providing essential cultural, social and educational services to the community at large.  The main temple building is 3 levels and comprises of the Grand Buddha Hall and a level dedicated to a Community Services Centre.


The Community Services Centre has dedicated areas within that are used to expand the delivery, range and quality of the services we provide, including increasing access to quality facilities to various agencies to provide additional outreach services on site.


The Buddhist community at Quang Minh Temple has, for many years, been delivering a number of community services from Braybrook in partnership with various agencies.  These services include: Work for the Dole program; drug and alcohol counselling; health and education programs; and accredited training courses including aged care and youth services.


We at the Temple are keen to ensure that the services we offer reflect the needs of the community and strive to improve our services on an ongoing basis.  It is our intention, in collaboration with key stakeholders in the region, to integrate programs in the community that reflect both the most urgent and the long term needs of the community.