Dear Monks and Nuns,
Dear benefactors and sponsors. 
In the past year, responding to the call of the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia and New Zealand, the Vietnamese community in Australia in general and Victoria said that they have contributed continuously meaningful work together for the Australian Government and Vietnamese the community. Review 4 meaningful jobs last year.

 1 / The Opening Ceremony of the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia- New Zealand (An Quang Temple) with a cost of 7 million dollars in 2 years calling. More than 5000 Buddhist compatriots and different ethnic groups attended, many people just came to visit and did not have lunch, but they were very happy and made an appointment to return ... enjoy visiting wonderful works like Dai Hung Bao Dien. An Quang, multi-purpose hall, Pho Mon Stupa, Hoa Vien Quan Am and Long Tho resort.

 2 / Bush Fire Appeal From January 2020 through 3 months calling on Victoria's temples and Tết festivals ,Vietnamese compatriots have contributed $ 355,000 dollars for bush wild fires in Australia. January 20, 2020 Donate Blaze Aid for rural rehabilitation of Melbourne On 19/01/2020 just made a round trip from Melbourne to Bairnsdale, East Gippsland. It is an honor to join Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan, Chua Quang Minh's Head, to hand over the Brigade CFA Bairnsdale and CFA District 11 Headquarters. January 20, 2020. Places to visit; Lavington, NSW donated February 15, 2020 Awarded to key staff members; Firefighters at the NSW Rural Fire Service Center.

3 /Masks for Covid-19 Pandemic March 2020, from the 1st epidemic of Covid 19 pandemic to the 2nd outbreak in June, the Vietnamese Community donated over 400,000 masks, 150,000 gloves, 20,000 plastic masks, and 5000 operating gowns (total cost over $250,000 dollars) to Sunshine Melbourne Hospital and distributing to entire communities in Victoria and other states and Distributing thousands of donated lunches to hospitals in the west of Melbourne.

 4 / Flooding Appeal for Mid Central Vietnam. Last October, the the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia - New Zealand called for the aid of 8 central provinces of Vietnam for historic floods with the amount of money raised over $160,000 dollars for the relief fund for the people of Central Vietnam in these floods. The the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia - New Zealand has contacted our Vietnamese Monks and Nuns who have been and will continue to aid over 10,000 victims Pay special attention to building 40 floating houses for people to prevent storms in the long term in the future.

 In the coming new year, I would like to wish the monks and nuns of the Dharma contemptuously bless the ordination, good health, achieved wisdom , the completed  Buddha's membership We would like to wish all benefactors and esteemed guests all the best wishes of happiness, longevity, good health, prosperity, Together, contribute to a prosperous country Uc Chau, worthy of Vietnamese proverb : Remember the source when drinking water, remembering the source , when eating fruit , remembering fruit grower .


Kind regards


Doctor Pham Phuc Nhan

Head of Charity and Society of The United Vietnamese Buddhist Cogregation of Australia- New Zealand.

Vice President of Quang Minh Temple