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ONE DAY RETREAT TO PRACTICE EIGHTS PRECEPTS at the Quang Minh Buddhist Temple, 18 Burke St Braybrook, on every Sunday starts from 8.00am to 5.30pm.
Most of us are on the run. Running from home life, to work life, to social life, to family life – just trying to keep it all together! Add to this worries most of us have about what the future holds, financial and relationship pressures and we can sometimes feel overwhelmed. We feel stretched, stressed and many times like we are just chasing our tails.
The Eight Precepts is a practice developing and sense restraint in order to curb desire and direct attention inwardly. This is the traditional practice of lay people goes back to the time of the Buddha. It is done once a fortnight on the SAM HOI Day (the full moon and new moon days), but can also be done to help direct the focus inwardly for periods. During the day to be guided by the Senior Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan, OAM, and Venerable Thich Phuoc Thai, lay practitioners vows for and practice the Eight Precepts.
The Eight Precepts are:
. To refrain from intentionally taking the life of any living creature.
. To refrain from taking what is not given.
. To refrain from any sexual activity: no physical contact or intimacy with the opposite sex.
. To refrain from dishonest speech.
. To refrain from using alcohol or non-medicinal drugs. (Smoking is prohibited inside the Quang Minh Temple, especially the Community Hall where foods are served).
. To refrain from dancing, singing, playing music, and wearing cosmetics, perfume, and jewelry.
. To refrain from using luxurious beds and seats.
. To refrain from eating after midday. (juice, sweets, sugar & honey are allowable for exceptional cases).

Treat yourself to a full day of relaxation and inspiration in tranquil surroundings!
With Metta
MP Nguyen