Dear distinguished  Guest ,leaders of all religions,  all the Volunteers ,ladies and gentlemen
The money of the Vietnamese community associations in Australia donated over 1 million separate dollars ,  we can not count huge Vietnamese  sent directly to charities Red Cross, Salvation Army, Blaze Aid and so on, the temples across Australia reached the number over 400,000 dollars, The Vietnamese United Buddhist Congregation  of Australia and New Zealand over 200,000 dollars, including; Quang Minh Pagoda 50,000 dollars, Hoa Nghiem Pagoda 51,000 dollars, Phuoc Hue Pagoda 50,000 dollars with Tet Market festivals 41,000 dollars, World Buddhist Fellowship 20,000 dollars. Total :241,318 dollars.
The total amount of hundred thousands  dollars during Tet festival , more fund raising at  Quang Minh temple  on lunar new year eve on january 24 /2020. and  we will sum  up at Happy  Receptionist restaurant on February 8, 2020. 
All the temples donated directly to the direct relief agencies, Quang Minh Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan gave 50,000 dollars to Blaze Aid . Venerable Thich Phước tấn ,  Dr Kieu Kieu Dung and  Truong Thien Kim will lead delegation directly to donate money to Bush Fire Disaster around Melbourne on January 19, 2020, and February 20, 21, 2020 
For two months  the Bush fires disaster began in NSW, Brisbane now spread through Victoria, Canberra and down to Adelaide and to all other states. Australia lives in  giant bush fire with thousands of fires, this situation is constantly reported on TV, Media and face book
For the past 2 months, hundreds of Vietnamese associations , Buddhist temples, and churches have been contributing to the biggest wildfire in the last decade through all the country . The loving Australians and government of Australia have supported us for 45 years.There are many ways to help such as volunteering but it is very dangerous jobs because it needs careful training (there are 4 volunteers who sacrificed while helping Bush fire fighting  , or praying with lucky rain to stop forest fires for last  few days and donating  through the Red Cross, the Salvation army and Blaze aid make these contributions the most effective and practical.
With the spirit of our ancestor "  drink the water, remember the source ,eating the fruits , remember who plant trees "The Vietnamese community in Australia is contributing millions of dollars of  the 400 million dollars  Australians have contributed,
 There have been many professional volunteers from the US and Canada to help rescue Australia, the spirit of uniting the whole world for Australia.
This is the best opportunity for everyone to give  hands to do this meaningful charirty
Thank you to all over 100 Vietnamese volunteers who came to raise funds for the St Albans   Footscray  Richmond ,Springvale Tết Festival  for last 3 weeks . 
The Vietnamese community has donated half a million dollars to the Royal Children Hospital, Cairnlea Mekong Nursing Home nearly 1 million dollars Sunshine Hospital and Joan Kirner hospital 600,000 dollars, The Australian  Buddhist Center Cairnlea 5 million Dollars, eyes Surgery  several hundred thousand dollars in Vietnam and hundreds of associations have contributed to the bush fires of millions of dollars. 
This is the best opportunity for everyone to give  hands to do this meaningful charirity
Thank you to all over 100 Vietnamese volunteers who came to raise funds for the St Albans   Footscray  Richmond ,Springvale Tết Festival  for last 3 weeks . This event touched the sympathy of the Australian officials and sub-committees. This showed that Vietnamese people have showed their gratitude from the children  to the old grandparents to help Australia when they were in Bush fire disaster with thousands heart warming images cannot be recorded here. 
We all enjoy Lunar new year of Rat today , we never forget  Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade is on the front lines fighting  with bush fire at days and nights  surrounding Melbourne ,  we would like to send all the best wishes of  good health, happiness, prosperity and longevity   to all of you and families and together to do charitable donations  to build up again  a strong and prosperous Australia
Thank you for listening
Dr Phuc Nhan Pham